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Entertainment & Nightlife in Bhutan


While most may think of Bhutan as a Buddhist country with austere laws centred on prayer and clean-living, there is such a thing called nightlife, even in this heavily isolated nation. The influx of tourists has largely contributed to the introduction of nightclubs and bars in Bhutan. They also pride on their wineries, as well as their local concoctions like souza, which is Bhutanese tea, and ara, a spirit distilled from wheat, rice, or corn. The nightclubs in Bhutan feature live music shows, a good look on local beauties, and a spread of lip-smacking food.


Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights are rumoured to be the nights to hit the bars and clubs in Thimphu.

Mila Restaurant (Dragon Shopping Complex, Norzin Lam) features singers and a Dzongkha comedian most nights. There is a largely local audience and the performers, both amateur and professional, sing traditional Bhutanese songs. When there are professional acts expect a Nu50 cover charge. After 8pm members of the audience can request songs at Nu100 each.

A relaxed atmosphere prevails at Tashi Nencha Music Studio near the Zangto Pelri Lhakhang. The studio can provide a Bhutanese meal and an evening of classical and folk music around a bonfire.

Om Bar is Thimphu’s ‘in’ bar and a quiet gathering spot early in the evening that becomes busy with a diverse collection of locals and expatriates after 10 pm. It’s on the 2nd floor of Jojo's Shopping Complex (Chang Lam Clocktower Square Area).

The Zone is a favourite after-work bar, with its modern décor and great chips, burgers and pizzas for late-night munchies.





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